“At Tribe, we are passionate to bring you the highest quality, unadulterated spices. Carefully sourced, ground and packaged, our spices retain their freshness and taste. Bring the goodness of the farm to your family’s table with tribe.”

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  • Family Run

    Started by an ex-merchant navy Captain, in order to provide clean i.e. UNADULTERATED staples to his family. Rest assured our products are of the best quality and free of any kind of adulteration. We will only provide what he will allow his family to consume.

  • Small Batch Production

    We only produce our spices in small batches in order to assure high quality. Every single step of the production is supervised by Captain leaving no room for adulteration.

  • Farm To Families

    We started with producing fresh turmeric powder in our own farm, but today we personally hand pick the best spices from farmers across india . We then polish, grind and package them under the trusted supervision of Captain.

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Did you know?

  • What is adulteration?

    Food Adulteration is a major challenge that today’s society faces despite the several measures the government has taken to maintain the quality. It is the process of mixing harmful elements into the food with a similar texture and appearance but not the same composition.

    Spices are one the most adulterated commodities in india.

  • Why are spices adulterated?

    The most common reasons why people carry out adulteration of food includes the following:

    • To earn maximum profit with limited investment.
    • To meet the increasing demand due to the rising population.
    • Increase the yearly production of a company.
    • Use it as one of the company’s business strategies.
    • Lack of knowledge relating to effects of food adulteration
  • How is Turmeric adulterated?

    Turmeric powder is commonly adulterated to increase the amount of turmeric powder with ingredients such as saw dust, rice flour, chalk powder or starch.

  • Which colour is used to adulterate turmeric powder?

    In order to give turmeric the vibrant yellow, toxic and carcinogenic compound — lead chromate is added.