Anand foods is created with a mission to supply unadulterated indian spices to every home in the world. Founded by Rajiv Kumar Mathur, an ex merchant navy captain and now a gentle man farmer, this brand is not motivated by profit, but by principals and ethics. Together with his daughter, they have launched a new age, customer driven brand that is dedicated to build a practice that supports innovation, suitability and women empowerment all while providing the best quality indian spices to keep the sweet memory of home alive and pure — any where in the world.

Introducing Tribe!!

India is the land of spices! But because spices are so commoditised they are also one of the most adulterated food types.

Who doesn’t love a good indian meal??Thanks to all the million spices that go into their preparation, we are blessed with an explosion of taste and a whole lot of memories. Spices in the kitchen are like chemicals in a lab, we experiment with their quantities in our large pot over a flaming stove, trying to mimic the flavours our mothers rassam or grand fathers fish curry. Such joy!

Back in the day, our mums and grand mums used to make most of their ground spices at home in order to avoid adulteration. Gone are the days when making our own spice was a luxury. Now it’s just time consuming trying to balance our work and life. TRIBE is here to cater to the young and changing population of india.

TRIBE brings unadulterated and natural ground spices to serve you and your family. Approved by DAD.