Tribe: A group of people who live outside societal norms

Reason for existence

In Priya’s (our founder) 10 years of corporate experience, she has always tried to be authentic at work. Part of taking your personality to work is how you dress and accessorize. It frustrated her when she could find only boring black and brown laptop bags, which couldn’t fit everything and would be ruined in a few months. While looking for something professional with a bit of quirk, she realized this was a serious problem that needed to be solved!


We all have our quirks, the yellow lining to the dark blue blazer, the curly strand to the straightened hair, spill our coffee and wear colourful socks under tailored suits. Our quirks form our personalities, they make us stand out from the crowd.

So we found Tribe with the idea that there should be a choice of work bags that are made to function for the Indian work-life, creating the very best quality that does not burn a hole in your pocket. This paired with colours and patterns to match with your personality.

Why Tribe bags?

All Tribe bags are high quality laptop bags with lots of pockets and space so they are highly functional yet allow you to say more about your personality. Mostly dual coloured to add that touch of drama to your outfit, Tribe bags are unisex, come with high quality fittings, zippers and buttons with customization available.