About the Founder

With 10 years of corporate experience, Priya Rege Jaggi’s passion for marketing and consumer insights led her to realize a major problem in the laptop bag industry – she couldn’t find one that was affordable and durable at the same time and the pure leather ones that met her standards were expensive and boring.

So she founded Tribe – a community of people that are following their passion and breaking the age-old moulds. Trendsetters in their own right, Priya wanted to craft bags that were functional, durable and quirky. She wanted to cater to this community, her Tribe, who wanted their bags to make a statement.

Just like the tribes of India are a wealth of unique stories, traditions and values, she decided to name the Tribe collection of laptop bags after them.


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The Design Process

Priya decided to launch Tribe with the classic and quirky leather laptop bags that are thoughtfully designed functional laptop bags, but more designs are in the works for cloth bags and backpacks.

Since Tribe bags are derived from classic designs, these are not a fad. She and team Tribe have taken the utmost care to design products that can last and be classy – always. Made in workshops by craftsmen with over 20 years of experience, Tribe bags are individually stitched making them unique and sturdy.


Meet the Tribe Chiefs

Tribe bags are designed on a consumer research-based approach where we have a set of Tribe Chiefs aka corporate professionals. Our Tribe Chiefs participate in an in-depth research on problems they face with their work bags and how we can resolve them via our designs.

The best design is chosen, which is then created in our workshop. We send out samples to our Tribe Chiefs who then use it every day for a month or two to see how our designs hold up in the real world.

Feedback is recorded, incorporated and only then are the final designs launched. Hence, all iteration of the design process can take up to 6 months before being launched, ensuring that you get the best of the best.

Thanks to our smart inventory management system and tight control over tested designs, with bags being created in workshops, Tribe is able to provide its customers high quality bags at affordable costs.