"Is it really pure leather? I don’t know how to tell the difference between real and fake!"

Yes it is. 100%. We love pure leather and carefully handpick the one that goes into making your Tribe bag truly awesome.

Nothing brings us greater joy than crafting each individual Tribe bag only in the finest genuine leather sourced from Italy and India for you.

Here’s how to tell if a Tribe bag is pure leather – we add a removable tag made from the same material as your bag. You can feel the back of the tag, it has a soft, suede feel which is a sign of pure leather. Faux leather or vinyl has a plastic texture at the back.

Other ways to tell real leather are real leather never looks homogeneous, but is textured. Imperfections, in this case, stress originality and handcrafted manufacture. For coloured hides, tint can never be uniform. So you know if the leather on the bag looks too perfect, it may most likely be fake. More importantly, trust your nose. Leather generally gives a characteristic smell, strong and hard very unlike any other odours.