Tribe Aptani - Textured Tan Leather Unisex Laptop Bag

Rs. 6,499 Rs. 7,999

Product story: This leather portfolio is made of oil pull up leather, meaning specially treated with oil. Inspired from the Aptani tribe of Arunachal Pradesh known for their village council bulyañ that supervises and guides the community, this leather laptop bag has been designed to emulate the classic briefcase but with a lot of oomph and finesse. Perfectly suited for bankers, lawyers and consultants, this Tribe bag is sure to turn everyone in the room green with envy.

PS: Learn how to check your bag is genuine leather here

Product description:

    • Top zip keeps the insides secure with 2 large open pockets for easy access to files, papers, or other knickknacks
    • Fits 14 inch laptop in soft inner lining with 3 open pockets, 1 zip pocket and 2 pen holders
    • Rounded handles designed for comfort while holding; additional extendable long straps also available
    • Material: specially treated oil pull up leather. The surface might get scratched but returns to original texture when smoothed by hand.
    • Available in 4 earthy hues - Smooth black, Textured Tan, Smooth Tan, Dark Brown crunch

All Tribe bags are unisex.


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